Thursday, November 20, 2014

Harvey Kaye Lecture Video Available

Harvey Kaye's October lecture, The Fight for the Four Freedoms, is now available for those who missed the presentation.  Thanks, as always, to our two videographers, Jasen Aziz and Ryan Sullivan, students at Millburn High School, for filming and editing the lecture.  View the video »

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Breitman in the New York Times

Our May speaker, Richard Breitman was quoted yesterday in an article in the New York Times, regarding his role as a member of a government-appointed team that declassified war-crime records.

The article, "In Cold War, U.S. Spy Agencies Used 1,000 Nazis," quoted Breitman as saying:
“This all stemmed from a kind of panic, a fear that the Communists were terribly powerful and we had so few assets,” he said."  

Monday, October 27, 2014

Winston Churchill Is Topic of Next Meeting

The next meting of the World War II Book Club will be on Tuesday, November 18, 2014, as usual at the Millburn Library commencing at 7 p.m.

"Churchill V sign HU 55521" by British Government - This is photograph HU 55521 from the collections of the Imperial War Museums. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons -
From the collections
of the Imperial War Museums.
Our speaker will be Richard G. Osborne. Mr. Osborne is a former classmate of John J. McLaughlin at Columbia High School, Maplewood, New Jersey. Like many high school graduates, they depart school, do not keep in touch, and often do not see each other for many years. Such is the case with Richard Osborne. Recently, John was privileged to be at an event where Richard was the guest speaker. The subject of the lecture was Winston S. Churchill. Richard gave a remarkable speech about Mr. Churchill, without notes, and without the ubiquitous teleprompter, the absence of which render most modern day politicians speechless. 

We learned that after graduation from high school, Richard served a tour in the United States Army with the A.S.A., the forerunner of the N.S.A. He earned a B.A. from Rutgers University followed by a law degree also from Rutgers. He spent 50 years as a professional manager of various privately held companies, traveled extensively and lived for a time in Greece and the U.K. All during this time he read widely in history, and became fascinated with the career of Winston Churchill, becoming as much of an expert about Churchill as many authors and historians.   

He is a founding member of the Churchill Center and a member of the Churchillian N.E. Chapter. Richard maintains a private library of over 3,000 books. By any definition, Mr. Osborne is truly a historian, and we are honored to have him as our guest.  Richard is traveling from Boston to give us this lecture. We look forward to a wonderful evening. Please mark the date.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Boyer Video Available

Barbara Boyer at New Jersey World Word II Book Club, Millburn, NJ
Barbara Boyer
The video recording of Barbara Boyer's September lecture is now available on Youtube, thanks to Jasen Aziz and Ryan Sullivan, Sophomores at Millburn High School, who filmed and edited the lecture.  
Proceed to the video »

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Professor Kay to Speak at Next Meeting

Harvey J. Kaye the Ben & Joyce Rosenberg Professor of Democracy and Justice at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay will speak about his book, The Fight For The Four Freedoms: What Made FDR and the Greatest Generation Truly Great.   Professor Kay is an award winning author of numerous books, including Thomas Paine and the Promise of America.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Harvey Kaye to Present at October Meeting

Cover image for Harvey Kaye's The Fight for the Four Freedoms

The next meeting of the World War II Book Club will be Tuesday October 21, 2014, as usual at the Millburn Library, 200 Glen Avenue Millburn, NJ. The lecture will commence at 7 p.m.

Our speaker will be Harvey J. Kaye, the Ben & Joyce Rosenberg Professor of Democracy and Justice at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. Professor Kaye is an award winning author of numerous books, including Thomas Paine and the Promise of America.  He is also a frequent contributor to the Huffington Post and the Daily Beast and a repeat guest on radio and television programs such as To the Best of Our Knowledge, the Thom Hartmann show, and Bill Moyers Journal.

Harvey Kaye will talk about his award winning book, The Fight For The Four Freedoms-What Made FDR and the Greatest Generation Truly Great. Steve Lomazow and John McLaughlin heard him speak at the FDR Library June 21, 2014. Describing the lecture as "spellbinding" may seem an exaggeration, but not in this case and Steve and John immediately booked Kaye to present for the Book Club. Harvey asked them what he should talk about and they both said, "...just repeat what you said today, and don't change anything!"

Praise for the book has been forthcoming from many sources: Bill Moyers said he "...tells a spirited story...", and we agree. His book will be offered for sale and signature at the bargain price of $20.

Dues Reminder

Dues are now one price, $35 for the season, and this includes the entire family. For those who have not yet paid for this season, please pay by check made payable to the NJ World War II Book Club and mail to John McLaughlin at 10 Farmstead Road, Short Hills, New Jersey 07078.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Barbara Boyer to Speak at September Meeting

Barbara Boyer's topic for the September 16 meeting is the little known but  profoundly disturbing book by Peter Williams and David Wallace, Unit 731: Japan's Secret Biological Warfare in World War II.

During World War II Japanese scientists, with full knowledge and approval of their superiors,  secretly carried on a series of cruel and painful  medical experiments on prisoners of war, such as  injecting them with deadly bacteria, subjecting them to oxygen deprivation, submersing them in freezing water,  operating on them without anesthesia and much more, all in an effort to determine the outside limits of human endurance.   Thousands died from these callous experiments, yet the persons responsible were never punished after the war. Barbara will tell of of the secret agreement made between those responsible for these inhuman acts of torture and the Allies, and the reasons for the suppression of this story of man's inhumanity to man, and its legacy.

Ms. Boyer is currently a teacher at South Plainfield High School. A summa cum laude graduate of Rider University,  she holds a Master's Degree in Spanish Linguistics from Penn State and a second Masters Degree from Kean University.  Barbara has a keen interest in Asian history and in the summer of 2012 she traveled to China on a scholarship to study Chinese history, specifically focusing on China and Japan during World War II.