Wednesday, March 30, 2016

About Our April Speaker - Patricia Chappine

Patricia Chappine is an adjunct professor at Stockton University. She earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology and a master’s degree in Holocaust and genocide studies from Stockton University and is currently a doctoral student in the History and Culture Program at Drew University.


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Upcoming Lectures

We are finishing the season with three fantastic lectures:
  • April 13: Pat Chappine will present NJ Women in WWII 
  • May 11: Nick Bellantoni will present MysteryQuest—Behind the Scenes of The History Channel’s "Hitler’s Escape” 
  • June 8: Bob Max will discuss his capture and treatment as a slave laborer for the Nazi's. 
Richard Schonberg, DMD
President, NJ World War II Book Club

Monday, March 14, 2016

March Lecture Available on Youtube

William "Pat" Schuber's lecture on the war in Sicily and Italy during World War II is now available on YouTube.

View the lecture »

Monday, March 7, 2016

Lynne Olson Presentation at Princeton

The Morven Museum & Garden presented Lynne Olson, author of Those Angry Days: Roosevelt, Lindbergh and America's Fight Over World War II, 1939-1941 at Princeton University's McCosh Hall on March 6.  Dr. and Mrs. John McLaughlin attended, along with Dr. Richard Schonberg, President of the NJ World War II Book Club and Marie Somers, the Club's Director of Communications.  McCosh Hall was almost filled to capacity as Ms. Olson explained the tense and often open conflict between the interventionists who favored America's support of Britain and the isolationists who opposed it.  In Ms. Olson's latest book, these opposing views are exemplified by two of the most famous men in America, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Charles Lindbergh. Together with Ms. Olson's answers during an insightful question-and-answer period, the lecture was an informative way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

The current Morven Museum exhibition on the Lindberghs, of which this lecture was a part, runs through October 23, 2016.  More information can be found here »

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Dr. Rose's January Presentation Available on Youtube

Dr. John Rose
Dr. Jonathan Rose

A video of  Dr. Jonathan Rose's presentation at the January 13, 2016 meeting, "The Literary Churchill," is now available on Youtube.

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The Literary Churchill  on Amazon »

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Sailor Man Video Now Available

Sailor Man - Del Staecker

The video of Del Staecker's February presentation on Sailor Man: The Troubled Life and Times of J.P. Nunnally, USN is now available on YouTube.

SAILOR MAN is the illuminating account of James Preston Nunnally, a teenager who lied about his age to enlist in the Navy, endured combat service in World War Two’s Pacific Theater, and returned home. What sets SAILOR MAN apart, making it an invaluable addition to the canon of World War II, is that it also reveals the lesser known dark side—the psychological trauma so many of these brave young men experienced as a result of their repeated encounters with the horror of war—what we now call Post Traumatic Stress. SAILOR MAN is a book that must be read and shared. — Dwight Jon Zimmerman, #1 New York Times bestselling author, and President of the Military Writers Society of America - See more at Del Staecker's website »

Sunday, February 21, 2016

March 9 Lecture by William "Pat" Schuber

William "Pat" Schuber will deliver a lecture on the war in Sicily and Italy during World War II in which the American and British forces encountered resistance by the Nazi troops.  When the invasion commenced in Sicily (July 1943), the Italian army quickly surrendered and thereafter the American and British troops were left to deal solely with the Nazis.

Churchill deemed the Italian invasion, even after the war, as a worthwhile endeavor and essentially an attack on "soft underbelly" of the Nazis.  It was far from that.  Ask any survivor of Sicily, Anzio or Salerno and they will dissuade you from that viewpoint rather rapidly.  Stand at the Sicily-Rome cemetery where over 8,000 American servicemen are buried and you will agree with American servicemen.

This was a tough struggle.  General Kesselring, commander of the Nazi forces, said in his memoirs that the only way to invade Italy was to start at the top of the boot.  We started at the toe and worked our way up. Rome was not taken until June 5, 1944, the day before D-Day.

This is essentially the same trip taken by John McLaughlin, Rich Schonberg and Miller Bugliari in the summer of 2014.  Pat Schuber covers the same battle sites.   John McLaughlin heard this lecture by Pat Schuber some time in the fall of 2013 and immediately booked him for this lecture.  This is a lecture that no one should miss.